In Ukraine, as of the beginning of August, 1.5 million tons of wheat remained untreated, which is approximately 6.5 million tons of the yield. Most likely, these volumes will be harvested as “non-class wheat”. This opinion was expressed by Konstantin Khmelnitsky, Deputy General Director for Agricultural Production of the company “NIBULON”.

According to him, the current harvest proved to be difficult for agricultural producers. The season started 2-3 weeks earlier than usual terms, then the bad weather prevented, for almost three weeks throughout the territory of Ukraine was raining badly.

One-third of the annual norm of precipitation fell, this significantly delayed the harvesting of wheat, and significantly deteriorated its quality.

Moreover, Khmelnitsky draws attention to the fact that after a heavy rainfall the field will cover a “green wave” of weeds. This will create significant difficulties in harvesting and increase the level of contamination of grain lots.

“Significant problems are also expected in seed production: sprouted grain is no longer suitable for sowing. This can lead to an increase in the costs of seeds for or even to a decrease in the wedge of winter cereals in 2019 “, – quotes NIBULON Khmelnitsky on the Facebook page.

By the way, last year wheat production in Ukraine exceeded 26 million tons. Earlier, the Ukrainian Grain Association forecasted an increase in wheat production in 2018 to 27 million tons.