Fruitfulness In 2019 The State Will Allocate Money For Processing Fruits And Vegetables

The programs of state support of Ukrainian fruit and vegetable producers next year will focus on assistance in the development of processing. This was reported by Olga Trofimtseva, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine on issues of European integration, AgroPortal reports.

She stressed that the agricultural producers of fruit and vegetable products initially should think about creating the added value of their products and processing capacities. At least, about the primary processing. In this connection, in 2019 the ministry decided to support the producers with the help of special state programs aimed at the development of processing.

Trofimtseva says that at the moment producers of fresh berries and fruits must sell their products very quickly, and in this case, it is almost impossible to count on exports. The same producers who have been engaged in processing can confirm that the profitability of their production has increased, even if it is only about freezing or drying, and in fact, it is possible to produce both jams and pastes …

We recall, that according to a survey conducted by FAO among Ukrainian farmers, more than 25% of representatives of small and medium agricultural producers have not heard about state support programs. It was also found out that in the last 17 years only 20.3% of agricultural enterprises applied for them.

In 2018, the state support of agricultural producers laid the amount of 7.3 billion UAH. Of these, UAH 4 billion is allocated to support livestock, 1 billion to compensate for the cost of acquiring domestic agricultural equipment and 1 billion UAH to support farming and cooperation.