Agrofusion, the largest tomato processor in Ukraine, is planning to increase the area under organic vegetables. It was told by Ivan Sakal, financial director of the group in an interview with Agravery.

According to him, they began to grow organic tomatoes last year, then under them were allocated 180 hectares of land. Already in 2020, organic plantations are expected to increase to 330 hectares.

“Everything depends on the world trends and on the internal pace of reforms in the agricultural sector,” explains Sakal.

He added that in 2017 Agrofusion processed 500 thousand tons of tomatoes or almost 60% of the total Ukrainian processing volumes. In 2018, they are planning to reach 700-750 thousand tons.

Now the company has 26 thousand hectares of land in processing, of which 6 thousand hectares are under tomatoes. Considering plans to expand processing, tomato fields will have to be increased by 6 thousand hectares, so Agrofusion is now working on expanding the land bank.

Also, Sakal said that currently there is an active phase of construction of a plant for drying vegetables. The object is planned to be completed in the autumn of 2019.

The factory for processing tomatoes in Chaplinka is still in the plans. Perhaps, it will simply be the modernization of existing plants, the representative of the company explains.

We recall, that Agrofusion was founded in 2007 by Sergey Sypko, the former general director of Sandora Company for the purchase of PepsiCo. The group includes three plants, two hothouse combines and agro-enterprises in the Kherson and Nikolayev regions.