Most of all seeds Ukrainian agrarians import from France. Such conclusions were reached at the Institute of Agrarian Economics.

According to Alexander Zakharchuk, head of the department of investment and material support of the Institute, in January-April 2018 16.3% of seed was purchased from this country. In terms of money, imports exceeded $ 57 million.

The expert adds that France ranks first in the world in terms of export of seeds, even ahead of the United States and the Netherlands. More than half of its products are sold to the countries of the European Union, North Africa, and Ukraine.

Every year, France earns € 1.5 billion in profits on seed exports. Under the seed-growing, there are allocated 400 thousand hectares, and in total 60 kinds of agricultural crops are grown.

Contributed to the seed boom in the country, a favorable climate, perfect mechanisms for monitoring and supporting the industry, Zakharchuk said. And also – the effectiveness of the fee system. Royalties and selection fees for the use of each kind of seeds are paid not only by the seed producers but all participants in the chain of cultivation – both marketable grain and for their own needs.

But in Ukraine, the mechanism of royalty is still not working. Breeders usually do not get anything, because no one has yet to calculate how much they are to be paid.

About the high level of development of seed production in France tells Nicolas Peren, Counselor of the Embassy of France in Ukraine. “France is the world champion in the selection of field crops”, he said recently in an interview with the publication propozitsiya. Among the most common hydrides and varieties of French production, he called Limagrain, RAGT (cereals), Florimon Depre (sugar beet), Euralis and Maïsadour (sunflower, rapeseed, and corn).

However, France is not an absolute leader in the supply of seeds to the Ukrainian market in terms of individual crops. For example, Ukraine buys the most seeds of corn in Romania and Hungary. Sunflower seeds are bought in Turkey, and France occupies only the third place.