White table grapes of Ukrainian production, compared with last year, have fallen in price by half. If last year at the end of July the prices were 65 UAH/kg, now they are at the level of 35 UAH, according to the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club with reference to the Info-Shuvar data.

The UCAB notes that the weather conditions that helped farmers collect high yields contributed to lower prices. As a result, the market was oversaturated with the product and the prices have fallen.

The operators of the market can not prolong the period of selling grapes in anticipation of a better price. There are no corresponding stores. And in general, the storage capacity, equipped with modern refrigerating chambers, is very small in Ukraine.

This excludes the farmers’ chance to get a big profit from sales in the inactive season, manufacturers complain.

The UCAB noted that the areas under the vineyards in recent years were declining. If in 2013 they were estimated at 67 thousand hectares, now they make up 41 thousand hectares. However, the harvest collected in 2017 is already 8% higher than the result of the previous year.


The improvement of cultivation technologies helps farmers achieve such indicators. Last year, the yield of grapes was already 99 hwt/ha, whereas earlier they harvested 86-92 hundredweights.