Tomato Basta Europeans Will Eat Ukrainian Tomatoes Because Of A Crop Failure Of Their Own

A 22% reduction in tomato production in the Iberian Peninsula this year will result in tomato harvest in Portugal to be the lowest in the last five years, while total industrial production in Europe will fall by 8%. Carolina Zalusska, the agricultural market expert of BNP Paribas, reported this, informs Info-Shuvar.

According to the expert, the same reduction in industrial production of tomatoes will occur in other countries of the world. Thus, the volume of their world production this year will be reduced by at least 5% — to 35.9 million tons. The largest drop in production is forecasted for China — by 33%.

According to Zalusska, this situation has arisen due to a large number of pests and plant diseases.

She also forecasts an increase in imports of processed tomatoes to the EU this year at 15%. Most likely, through Ukrainian supplies, as Ukrainian products, due to their price, in the EU market are extremely competitive.

Zalusska says last year imports of processed tomatoes to European countries fell by 24% due to reduced supplies from China, but this reduction was partly offset by supplies from Ukraine, which then increased by 17%.

Previously, it was reported that Ukrainian producers in the first half of 2018 increased imports of tomatoes by 69% compared to 2017 — to 47.8 thousand tons. The total value of exports was more than $ 30 million, which is 74% more than last year.