Due to the excessive precipitation that occurred in Ukraine during the last three weeks of July, the many diseases are widespread in soybeans, beet and sunflower crops. This was told by Alexander Miglovets, the head of the department for the development of products and services of the Ukravit company, Info-Industry informs.

Most often on the crops of sunflower, there is white rot on the root part of the stem, as well as gray and dry rot of the flowers. A particularly negative phenomenon is white and gray rot, they can really kill the crop, says the expert.

According to estimates, now these diseases affect 15% of sunflower crops.

On soy, the agronomists usually note peronosporosis (downy mildew), septoriosis and cercosporosis.

Concerning sugar beet, now it is suffering from cercosporosis, powdery mildew, and ramularia, and this can lead to a loss of 10-20% of the crop and reduce the sugar content of the roots.

The specialist notes that most farms have already carried out 2-3 treatments with fungicides in order to save the yield of these crops.

But, for example, corn was not hurt by diseases. The rains were even good for this crop. In some regions, corn has already grown by 2-3 meters and has formed 3 cobs. If another month is not hot and moderately rainy — the yield of this crop will continue to grow.