The year 2017 demonstrated a recovery in the rates of production of canned meat stew and pâtés. The increase in volumes was 16.4% against the previous year, informs the analytical company Pro-Consulting.

Thus, the annual production exceeded 15 thousand tons compared to 13.9 thousand tons in the previous year.

Analiz Rynka Myasnykh Konservov 6

Experts believe that the growth of volumes was preceded by an improvement in the economic situation of Ukrainians. Stew and pates began are being actively bought both by the people and the state to provide for army needs. The volumes of imports have also grown, therefore, Ukrainians are also interested in more expensive products.

However, the current production of pates in Ukraine is almost twice as high as in 2013. The company notes that the domestic market was declining three years in a row until 2017. Prices for meat at this time were growing, as the cost of finished products, and the level of income of the population fell significantly during the crisis. Therefore, they bought the goods as cheap as possible.

The further development of the market of canned meat and pates, as expected in Pro-Consulting, will occur synchronously with the trend of increasing the welfare of Ukrainians. Richer buyers will choose products of high quality, and the manufacturers should pay attention to this. The demand for expensive canned food will increase, the share of which can also increase in the market.

Now domestic canned meat is mostly made from different kinds of offal. Such products are more than 79% of the total production. Another 7.5% are canned pork, almost 6% — beef, 4% —liver and 3.5% —poultry meat.