“Agrarian Fund” started to implement the program launched last year for the sale to farmers mineral fertilizers produced in Ukraine. Agricultural producers will supply ammonium nitrate (grade B), carbamide (grade B) and limestone-ammonia mixture (BAC), the company reports.

It is noted that the purpose of this program is to prevent a deficit of mineral fertilizers in the Ukrainian market and to moderate price fluctuations. Last year, the Agrarian Fund bought 245.4 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers worth 1.88 billion UAH, of which 61.3 thousand tons were sold to agricultural producers.

The implementation is going on right now. To stimulate demand, farmers are promised discounts and deferred payment when concluding a forward contract. Also, the enterprise prepared warehouses for storage and shipment of products in most regions.

By the way, earlier Andrey Radchenko, chairman of the Agrarian Fund, said that by such interventions they were implementing a state policy to resolve the situation on the market. At the same time, he noted that when selling fertilizers, the enterprise would not be pursuing a margin, a possible markup would be about 5%.

With the same purpose, the Fund carries out the realization of flour. In the same way, it is possible to stabilize prices in the grain market.