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It is advisable to introduce precision farming only when the agrarian is sure that he will process leased land for at least another 5 years. In this case, the project will pay off. This opinion in his blog on the website of “AgroInsider” was expressed by Vadim Ostapenko, consultant to SmartFarming.

According to him, precision farming is a complex of measures that allow the farm to receive not the highest but economically justified yield. To begin its introduction it is necessary with the analysis of an economy, available technics and staff. Depending on each of these points, the cost of starting a project of precision farming in a particular farm will be calculated.

Implementing a system of precision farming in one season is difficult, so it is applied in separate fields, and then scaled to all fields of the enterprise. Usually the result is visible at the end of the season. Ostapenko says that an increase in yield by 3-4% is already indicative.

At the same time, he notes that precision farming allows saving on each stage of agricultural production. Thanks to the correct movement of equipment, for example, fuel economy will be 5-10%. However, the effect of some other factors is not so obvious and will be noticeable only after a while. This includes the establishment of a weather station, through which fertilization or chemical treatment will be carried out at the optimum time.

Check the results of the introduction of precision farming can be done by mapping the yield of the field, the expert says. With the help of a special system, which is installed on the combine, data on yields are collected in individual sections and it is possible to trace the results, on the basis of which the fieldwork is subsequently adjusted.

Ostapenko asserts that more and more agrarians understand the advantages of precision farming and therefore it is becoming more popular in Ukraine. However, its distribution is heterogeneous and some of its elements are more popular than others. For example, the automatic driving technologies in Ukraine are applied to 3-4 million hectares of land, but a full cycle of precision farming is introduced only on 100 thousand hectares. And although this is very little, the use of precision farming is constantly expanding.