The Ukrainian enterprise LLC “Alexander A. Sinenko” is in talks with Walmart about the supply of Kherson watermelons to the British market. Alexander Sinenko, director of the enterprise, president of the cooperative “Southern Union” told about it in an interview with EastFruit.

Despite the fact that in terms of logistics, entering the UK market is twice as expensive as, for example, the Spanish market, plus that it will open the markets of other countries of Old Europe for Ukrainian producers, which are by far the most promising for Ukrainian producers of melons.

For example, only Germany consumes about 350 thousand tons of watermelons a year, Britain — 130 thousand tons. In general, the annual consumption of watermelon in the countries of Old Europe reaches 0.5 million tons.

According to him, despite the year-round supplies of watermelon from Brazil, Mexico, and Sinegal, Ukrainian producers can also get a share in the European market.

Sinenko argues that for successful work in foreign markets, Ukrainian companies need to cooperate and form batches of products with a uniformly high quality.

In addition, Sinenko said that this year the area under watermelons in the Kherson region decreased by almost a third due to the fact that the previous three years, producers have faced a crop failure of melons and this year they decided to switch to more profitable grains and oilseeds.

He gives an example: if in a lean season the agrarians who grow watermelons collect 10, 15 or 20 tons of crop per hectare and sell at 1 UAH/kg, they will get 20 thousand UAH/ton. If a farmer sows a confectionery sunflower instead of a watermelon, then without large expenses and attracting a large number of human resources, he will sell it for 30 thousand UAH/ton. Then it is obvious, what crop is more profitable.

Earlier it was reported that the agrarians of the southern regions are more likely to switch to rice and walnut cultivation, seeing in them an alternative to melons and tomatoes, the productivity of which falls due to drought.

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