Long and strong rains, which have recently been oссurred in Ukraine, will affect the quality of grain. This opinion is shared by Tatyana Adamenko, head of the department of agrometeorology of Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, writes expres.ua.

According to her, an abundance of precipitation led to over-moistening of the upper layers of the soil, the crops of cereals fell out. In the western and northern regions, the fields dry slowly.

Due to excess moisture, the grain can blacken, and the level of gluten, which is needed for baking properties, will decrease.

But late grain crops have benefited and the harvest this year will be greater.

“In some regions, corn has grown by 2-3 meters and has already formed 3 cobs on the stem. If another month is not cold and rainy, the yield of this crop will be growing”, – predicts Adamenko.

In general, this year, due to unusual weather conditions during the growing season, most crops, including spiked ones, declined. Actually, there was no meteorological spring, and in June summer temperatures were fixed. As a consequence, the harvest began 2-3 weeks earlier.

At present, agrarians threshed 67% of the area under the early grain crops. Gross harvest amounted to 6.6 million tons, and the average yield is 32 Hundredweights/hectare. Winter barley and winter wheat are almost harvested.