Stepped On The Gas Due To Biogas Sugar Plants Increase Profit 5 Times

A biogas complex at a sugar factory can increase its earnings five times. Yuri Epstein, an expert of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine wrote about this in his blog “NV Business”.

According to him, more and more sugar companies have recently been turning to biogas production. Following Globinsky and Rokytnyansky, the Teofipol sugar plant acquired its own biocomplex. At the final stage of the construction, there is a project at the Linovets sugar plant, the works on Kapitanovskiy, Korsun-Shevchenkovsky, Gorodishche-Pustovarovsky plants have been started and continuing. Gnidavsky also announced his intentions. And this is not all.

Why this trend has developed, the expert cites specific calculations. Last year, the Gnidava Sugar Refinery processed 521,000 tons of beets and received € 864,000 gross profit. It meant € 1.65/ton.

If there was a well-designed biogas complex next to the plant, it would be possible to earn € 3.5 million from the sale of generated electricity. And also save € 790 thousand for the purchase of natural gas, due to thermal energy.

The specialist estimates the expenses for the maintenance of biogas production and interest on the loan at € 800 thousand. That is, the total profit will be € 4.3 million or € 8.33 per ton of processed sugar beet.

Epstein also adds that the biogas complex at the sugar plant would pay off in less than 5 years after commissioning.

Approximate capacity of such production should be 4 MW, and its cost includes the construction of storage tanks for silage pulp, the cost of a chemical laboratory, equipment and consulting services.