The German company Bayer has developed an online resource for Italian winemakers, that makes it possible to prevent the spread of mealybug in any of the country’s vineyards, writes the local Agrinotizie portal.

By registering on the site, you can trace the entire biological cycle of this pest from April to October in all regions of Italy, where table grapes are grown. The data is updated every week, and trends and forecasts of the next attacks of mealybug on Italian vineyards are displayed on the graphs.

The peculiarity of this insect is that it does not affect the entire vineyard instantaneously, but forms “foci”, which are displayed on the site even at the time of their inception. This allows the manufacturer to take urgent measures to exterminate the pest, thereby avoiding losses and reducing the worm population for the next year.

When the spread of mealybug reaches a critical level in the zones of interest, the user is informed about this by e-mail. Thus, there is no need to keep an eye on the worm non-stop. This is necessary in order to optimize the ways to control the pest.

By the way, this is the first such tool in the world to combat the mealybug.

Now the populations of mealybug in Italy are constantly increasing. Typically, the damage caused by this insidious pest, the producers notice too late, when the vineyard is no longer safe.