Ukrainian subsidiary of the Russian “Sberbank” lost the company “Odessa Karavay”, reports “Dumskaya”.

This is the decision of the Primorsky District Court of Odessa, which arrested the property of the enterprise in the framework of the criminal case.

The controversy over the “Odessa Karavay”, as well as the enterprises “Belgorod-Dnistrovska Palyanitsa” and “Kotovsky” industrial bakery, has been going on for several years between Sberbank and Lauffer Group Ukraine, which produces flour and bakery products.

And now the situation has radically changed. Previously, the media wrote that in January 2017 the Economic Court of Appeal of Odessa transferred the Odessa bakery, which is in pledge, to the Ukrainian subsidiary of the Russian bank.

This time, the court spoke out “for food security in the south of Ukraine,” Vitaliy Balykhin, head of Lauffer Group Ukraine, comments on this decision. The enterprise is working, jobs are preserved, he assures.

“I want to draw the attention of various raiders of Sberbank — from simple crooks to former people’s deputies,” says Balykhin, “now the criminal case is being heard in court, and all their previous attempts to “wipe out court decisions” and other “pranks” threaten violators with specific terms of deprivation of liberty”.

Previously, Lauffer Group took loans from Sberbank to acquire a number of companies. Including “Krymkhleb”, “Simferopol factory of bread products” and “Odessa Karavay”.

After the annexation of the Crimea, all the factories of the peninsula, purchased for loans, were seized by the Russian side, not compensating for the Lauffer Group.

As we wrote earlier, the oil and fat factory “Slavoliya”, which also belonged to this company, was put up by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine for auction for 150 million UAH.

“Slavoliya” transferred to “Oschadbank” in 2016 after a number of won legal disputes with Lauffer Group. Then, the problem was also caused by loans taken by the  Lauffer Group  — this time already at the Ukrainian bank.