Rabbit Hole The Student From Ternopil Region Created A Mini Farm For Breeding Huge Rabbits
Фото: facebook.com/silskyjgospodar

In the Ternopil region in the village Slobodka, Kozovsky district 21-year-old student Oleg Sysak created a rabbit mini-farm, where he manages himself, and works as an accountant, veterinarian, and seller, reports on its Facebook page the newspaper “Rural Owner Plus.”

The grandfather gave him the love of the rabbits nine years ago, but the young man made the first serious step towards the breeding business, having acquired at one of the many exhibitions he frequented, a thoroughbred rabbit. Now Oleg has more than a hundred of them.


Sysak keeps on his farm a Viennese blue rabbit and a Belgian giant of gray, yellow, blue and gray-blue color. Although he had the experience of growing Ukrainian breeds for slaughter, the guy decided that it was not only more profitable but also more interesting to breed other breeds.


For several breeds, the guy goes even abroad and already has friendly relations with local farmers. In particular, this spring he brought some rabbits from the Netherlands and Germany.

Sysak says that he liked much the appearance of the Belgian giants: a massive head, strong paws, and giant ears.


“From the age of 60 days each month, these animals gain up to 1.5 kg of weight and in their 1-2 years can reach a weight of 15 kg,” — says the farmer.

In caring of the foreign beauties, says Sysak, there is nothing more complicated than in caring of Ukrainian breeds.

Throughout the year, rabbits are fed with hay from alfalfa and clover, grain of barley, oats, wheat, corn, and sunflower, as well as with granulated fodder. Every 3-6 months, beginning with the 45th day of rabbit’s life, Sysak advises vaccination against major diseases and to disinfect cells twice a year, in the spring and autumn.

Earlier it was reported that the initial investment in rabbit farm is about 13 million USD, and the largest expense item is the livestock.