Business Blunt On Hemp Farmers Earn 100 Profitability

The seeds of hemp allow the farmer to earn 100% profitability, and on leaves and inflorescences, profit can increase 3-5 times. Alexander Ignatyuk, chairman of the “Hemp Association” and leading consultant of Hemp Bio Group, a Ukrainian company specializing in the processing of plant fibers, shared such calculations with Agravery.

Ignatyuk says that the seeds of hemp are used in the food industry, cosmetology, zoo business. Fibers mainly go to paper-cellulose production. And in the EU, dust from the primary processing of the stem is even added to the road surface to make it more durable.

In Ukraine, for the time being, hemp is grown a little, approximately on 3,500 hectares. Sowings are fragmentary, located in Zhytomyr, Poltava, Sumy, Kiev and Kharkov regions. However, they do not occupy more than several hundred to 800 hectares.

There are also few processing facilities, two old plants in the Sumy region and one in the Zhytomyr region, which is in the process of re-equipment.

The new plant will cost from $ 1 million to $ 10 million, depending on the scale of production. Ukrainian farmers are not rushing to invest such funds. But hemp producers can use mobile units that will process the crop directly in the field, advises Ignatyuk.

He notes that such equipment was purchased by Hemp Bio Group. And while it is going to Ukraine, the processing products have been already requested by the Chinese company. That is, the market is ready.

Earlier it was reported that the production of oil from hemp seeds can yield 127% of profitability.