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The brand “Honey Brothers” very carefully approaches the analysis and production of each type of honey. First, do not mix one type of honey with another.

Therefore, we have a very wide product line, and we are moving away from the traditional principle of segregating the assortment by linden, motley grass, acacia. We want something more.

We make a product about which you can tell a lot: where it comes from, why it is like this, why it is called so, why there are these flowers on the label.

Including all this, every sample of honey is taken for examination by the Prokopovich Institute of Beekeeping (Kiev). It issued us a certificate for each of the 10 kinds of honey that we offer, even if there are small lots.


In the near future, we will receive a certificate and that our products do not contain antibiotics, although for this we will have to spend quite an expensive analysis.

All this, of course, affects the price. Our prices are much higher than the price of that honey you can buy in a market.

Today, when we receive the certificate, we make a standard analysis on the requirements of the State Standart of Ukraine, as well as pollen analysis. What is the last for? We want to know and notify our client where honey comes from.

WE have created THE CONCEPT OF “miellesime

For example, Sergey from Cherkassy offers us linden honey produced in July. But the laboratory shows that the linden in it is almost no less than 10%. But it is very strong, so you can feel its taste. The rest in the composition is a yellow acacia.

This is very important because we use all this information in the names of honey. For example, acacia-linden. When it crystallizes, it turns yellow. Linden is there, too, but it does not dominate.

Honey, where no flower dominates or is dominated by one that is difficult to “valorize”, according to the marketing point of view, is harder to bring to the fore, it is more difficult to sell.

For example, in August of last year, we received honey herbage from Cherkassy, and the flower of Syrian cotton dominated there. It was difficult for us to put the name of this plant on the label.

Chyhyryn Miellesime

August types of honey, usually have the names of the area where they are made. For example, “Steppe of Pobuzhye”, “Chyhyryn Hills”. That is, we create a product that has roots.

From this came the idea to develop green tourism in these places. By the way, there is already developed the usual tourism: in Podolia, there are mineral resorts, in Cherkassy region, there are Ukrainian history and culture, and in Pobuzhye rafting is developed.


When I talk about a new look at honey, I remember France not without a reason. We came up with the concept of “miellésime” ourselves, by combining the French word “miel” (honey) and the term “millésime” or “vintage” in winemaking, which means the year of the vine harvest from which wine is made.

Our French friends were delighted and even advised us to patent this concept.

How they usually promote honey today? For example, this honey is very useful for the liver, and that — for blood pressure, and it seems that when you go into a honey shop, you seem to get to the pharmacy.


We did not like it: honey is not just a medicine. Yes, it is super-useful, but to make a curative effect, it should be eaten not once a year, when your throat is ill, but preferably every day.

Therefore, honey as an everyday product and as a medicine it has two components that perfectly complement each other in terms of benefits to the producer.

And on the third side, honey is a delicacy that can be used in cooking, to make sauces from it, to eat it with cheese and meat, combining it with soy sauce, mustard, etc.

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Dmitry Kushnir, the founder of the brand “Honey Brothers”

Based on materials of the webinar “Beekeeping. The foundation of the honey brand “Honey brothers”, organized by UHBDP