Veni Vidi Milked The State Offers To Equip 1 2 Stations For Milking Cows In Every Village

To solve the problem with the prohibition of second-class milk, which will come into force in Ukraine from 2020, will help create milking stations in villages. Such an offer was expressed at the Ukrainian Cattle Breeding Association.

In order for milk to be of the proper quality, it must be taken from cows in a non-contact way and immediately cooled down. However, the purchase of equipment by private households is an expensive thing: 5-7 cows cost from $ 1.5 to $ 5,000.

The creation of a milking station that will have milk piping, refrigeration, and filtering equipment, according to association estimates, will cost 200 thousand UAH or less than $ 8 thousand.

Each village will have to equip 1-2 such stations, that is, approximately 37 thousand throughout Ukraine.

The funds for the organization of the milking system, livestock farmers offer to attract from the budget in the form of grants or to look for foreign grants. For example, this year there is a state program of support for agricultural servicing cooperatives, including the dairy industry. Under the program, the state compensates for 70% of the cost of the purchased equipment, excluding VAT amounts (but no more than UAH 3 million per one cooperative).

“If peasants unite in cooperatives, they will be able to act as a legal entity. Then the subsidies and grants can be obtained, “says Irina Palamar, chairman of the association.

At the same time, the production of milk will approach the European level. Peasants will simply lead a cow to milk, where it will be washed, disinfected, and connected to the milking machine. From there, the milk through the special pipes will get into the cooling machine, that is, the contact with the air is eliminated, it means that the quality of milk will be the highest.

Thus, the owner of a cow deprives himself of the need to wash dishes, to strain milk, to wait for milking. And for milk of higher quality, he will receive a bigger price.