Despite the significant volumes of Ukrainian honey exports, the price for it for two years does not exceed $ 2 per kilogram. This is evidenced by the data of the Secretariat on supporting the export of Ukrainian food and agrarian products, which operates within the framework of FAO and the EBRD with the assistance of the EU for business initiative.

In the price segment, Ukraine competes with China, Argentina, India, whose products are exported at a price of 1.96 to 2.6 dollars per kilogram.

Against the background of the top ten exporters, New Zealand stands out. Despite the relatively small volumes of exports, the average price of New Zealand honey products reaches more than $ 24 per kilogram. This is due to the prevalence of packaged honey and the export of a rare type of Manuka honey, it was told on the air of AgroFM.

But practically all the honey exported from Ukraine is raw materials, which are further processed and packaged and only then put on the shelves of retail chains.

In terms of the supply of this sweet product to foreign markets, our country is the third in the world and the first two are only China and Argentina. Last year, Ukraine exported a record volume of honey — more than 67 thousand tons, which is 19% more than in 2016. And three times more than in 2013.

This year, export volumes began to lean back. External supplies of Ukrainian honey decreased by more than 40%. All because of the mass death of bees all over Ukraine, as well as the relatively low prices for which the sweet product is bought by traders.

Nevertheless, there is a great demand for Ukrainian honey on the international market. Leadership among importers retains and will continue to be held by the European Union. Supplies to the United States, Canada, the Middle East, Turkey, Israel are increasing. Last year, for the first time, Ukrainian honey was delivered to Armenia.

The geographical proximity and high consumer demand for quality natural products contribute to the active trade. It is not surprising that the quota for the supply of Ukrainian honey this year will be increased to 7.9 thousand tons.

Experts note that the current challenge for the honey sector is the export of packaged and branded products with high added value. The one who can build mutually beneficial relations with beekeepers wins, and also develop new niche products.