In the Carpathian region on 10 hundred square meters of land, there is a farm where the Mediterranean snails are growing. It was told by Ivan Palamarchuk, co-founder, and director of the farm “Pokutskaya snail”, informs the “Informator”.

To produce the exotic products, five families united.

They feed snails with a special mix of grass (a mixture of rapeseed with cabbage), as well as compound feedstuff. Under such conditions, the snail grows from March to October.

“The work on the farm is not difficult,” says an employee Peter Struk. “In the evening I turn on watering and when snails get out because of the wet, I give them food.”

On the farm, they also hold the workshops on how to cook snails. They can be cooked in the water, stuffed with vegetables or fried.

The first harvest is expected up to 200 thousand snails. Some of them remain to breed, all the rest go for the export and food, which is used and as a delicious “bait” for tourists.

As previously written by AgroDay, in Ukraine, the snails breeding is gaining popularity, including a cooperative basis. Moreover, Ukrainians not only grow snails but also process them.

According to calculations of Pro-Consulting analysts, large-scale snail business requires considerable investments. A farm with a capacity of 2 tons per year requires € 50,000 of seed capital. Of these, 32.3% will go for the construction of the production building, 20% is needed to purchase land, 15% will be the working capital, 9.7% is to lay utilities, 4.37% is to purchase a cage for snails, the rest is to purchase the acquisition of shelving, packaging, purchase of the first herd.

By the way, the export of snails from our country over the past 4 years has also increased significantly: if in 2013 we exported about 3 tons, then in 2017 this figure rose to 343.5 tons of snails.