Just Tears Onion Prices Increased By 50 But Remain Lower Than Last Year 039 S

The supply of onion on the Ukrainian market has considerably decreased and, accordingly, the prices for it are increasing. Over the past week, the price of onions in the wholesale markets has increased by approximately 50%, analysts of Shuvar-Info confirm.

On Tuesday, July 24, the price of onions in the largest wholesale markets of the country — Lviv ‘Shuvar’, Kiev ‘Stolichniy’ and Kherson ‘Nezhdanny — varies from 5 to 7.5 UAH per kilogram or € 0.16 – 0.24 per kilogram.

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Onion prices on “Shuvar”

The reason for this, analysts say, was, firstly, the off-season: this year the winter onions were harvested much earlier, and this year they will not be sown until 7-10 days later. Secondly, in the south of the country, the harvesting of onion has stopped because of weather conditions. Thus, in the farms of the southern region, this crop rises in price daily.

Despite the increase in prices for onions, its price still remains lower than last year’s at least 20% and below the price in neighboring Poland, where a kilogram costs about € 0.21-0.3.