Oleg Kozoriz, a former entrepreneur who used to work on wood, bought the premises of an old state farm in Zhukotin several years ago and rented out villagers’ lots to start his own agricultural business, Dzerkalo Media reports.

As the state farm disintegrated long ago, much was plundered, and the territory was overgrown with bushes. Therefore, Kozoriz with his brothers undertook not only for the restoration of premises but also for combating thickets.

The brothers bought the “Belorus” tractor and the premises. Land plots were sown with wheat, barley and soy. The five sows were bought.

Since the man had no experience in the agrarian business, he learned about all the intricacies from the Internet.

Then the revolution happened and the man became an active volunteer, and then voluntarily went to the front. He left his business to his brother, and when he returned he began to work with even greater enthusiasm.

Fermer Zhukotyn 18

Now the farm processes about 200 hectares of land and contains 300 pigs weighing more than 500 kg. In the restored premises of the farm, the pigs are classified according to breeds, age, and sex. They are monitored around the clock.

In addition, music is always playing in the farmhouse. According to Kozoriz, the music is for pigs, although the staff does not have anything against it. And it should be noted, that the staff here, besides the farmer himself, consists of two more people.

The farmer does not intend to stop at the reached and says that a cowshed will soon appear on the near site of the concrete frame.