Mousetrap The Real Cheese Can Be Bought No Cheaper Than 160 Uah Kg Butter 34 Uah Per Pack
Фото: Vox Populi

At the cost of dairy raw materials in the amount of 7.50 UAH/liter real hard cheese in retail should cost at least 160 UAH/kg. Such conclusions shared on his facebook page Alexander Derkach, co-owner of the group “Milk Alliance”.

When calculating the minimum price of a kilogram of cheese, he took into account 10% of profitability of production and 18-25% of the surcharge of retail chains.

Derkach notes that much of the offered in the market may not be cheese, but cheese products. Although, some manufacturers “forget” to write about this on the packaging. The cost price of production of such goods is one and a half times lower, because milk fat is replaced by vegetable fat. Accordingly, retail prices are not so high.

By the way, now among all the cheese that is offered on Ukrainian shelves, 80% are different variations of rennet “Russian” cheese. Such cheeses mature for 1-2 months and have a fat content of 35-50%. Sometimes natural cheeses can contain additives – melted milk, greens, nuts. They also must be natural.

To tell how good this cheese is, you can from a noticeable strip on the edge of the head, about 1.5 cm wide. Usually, there are no holes on it. Such a strip means that, this cheese is still unaged.

Also the manufacturer gives calculations of what the retail price of a real butter can be. Taking into account the same 7.5 UAH/L for dairy raw materials, 10% of the producer’s profitability and 8-10% of the trade mark-up in the trade networks – it should be from UAH 34 for a 200-gram pack.

That is, the butter for UAH 25 is unlikely to actually be a real butter, adds Derkach.

We recall, that earlier in Ukraine was conducted an investigation about the falsification of butter in retail chains. In the laboratory samples of butter for 20-25 UAH for a pack the milk was not found.