L L Lay 039 S Pepsico Starts Working With Potato Growers In Ukraine To Produce Chips

PepsiCo is going to build a factory in Ukraine to produce Lay’s chips, AgroTimes reports, referring to the insider information of an unnamed potato producer.

According to this source, PepsiCo will officially announce the opening of the plant in autumn, and most likely the production will work in the test mode on the basis of Sandora company in Nikolaev at the turn of 2018-2019.

The expert, to which the publication refers, claims that PepsiCo relies on the inability to export potatoes from Ukraine because of the adoption of new rules for its export.

The chips producer also considers the production volumes of this vegetable in Ukraine to be significant, and the professionalism of potato farms is high enough to start making local Lay’s.

Now PepsiCo, supposedly, plans a tour of the best agricultural enterprises in these areas, in order to assess their agronomy and the state of the storage facilities.

The world famous cola producer also plans to supplement his Ukrainian office with an agronomic department that will monitor the fields and process of potato production.

Those who choose PepsiCo, the source claims, will become owners of long-term agreements with the giant: the company will contract large lots of potatoes one year before the receipt and supply agrarians with planting material.

As we have already mentioned, when entering the Ukrainian market PepsiCo at some point began to outstrip its main competitor Coca-Cola precisely thanks to the production and supply of products in different categories. In particular, to the drinks Pepsi were added Lay’s chips .

At the same time, Neil Starrock, ex-general manager of the РерѕіСо in Ukraine, stressed that Lay’s and Pepsi’s success in Ukraine is due to the infrastructure and the Sandora team.