Almost all of the 26.4 thousand tons of walnuts sold by Ukraine abroad between October 2017 and May 2018 were exported by one-day firms, according to Nashi Groshi, based on the customs statistics available to them.

According to the information stated in the documents, the cargo was handled most often through Odessa (18.24 thousand tons), Chernivtsi (6.68 thousand tons) and Transcarpathian (1.51 thousand tons) customs. Thirteen of the fourteen largest exporters turned out to be fictitious firms that were registered shortly before exporting the goods abroad with a statutory fund of 0.5 – 1 thousand UAH and are not at the registration address. Moreover, the leaders or founders of these firms are involved in criminal proceedings in cases of tax evasion and the activities of “conversion centers”.

Only one of the exporting firms, LLC “Natsi”, was registered in 2007 and works through the Transcarpathian customs.

As reported in the DFS, last year Ukraine exported 30.89 thousand tons of walnuts for $ 100 million. The largest buyers of the Ukrainian walnut were Iraq (3,648 tons), Azerbaijan (3.596 tons) and Belarus (3.342 tons) .

Nuts that were exported to Belarus, for example, had a price of $ 0.8 / kg, while nuts exported to Greece cost $ 6.1 / kg, Poland – $ 5.3 / kg, Slovenia – $ 4 , 3 / kg, Romania – $ 4.6 / kg.

Eksportery Gorihiv

* Firms are re-registered to another address and person. “BusinessPrime Group” also renamed

** Goods invoice value / net weight

It should be noted that the lower the price of exported goods is declared at the customs, the less the budget will receive Ukraine’s budget.

Previously, Ukrainian media reported the same situation with the export of nuts in 2015 – the first half of 2016. They also exported fictitious firms and also reduced by two or three times the price. However, after crossing the border, the products were sold at a market price.