Cocked Out The National Bank Has Seized The Poultry Farm On Which Now The Dnr Fighters Are Growing Chickens

The Commercial Court of Donetsk Region confiscated the property of the Zuhres Poultry Farm and transferred it to the National Bank of Ukraine. The relevant information was published in the Single Register of Judicial Decisions.

By decision of the court, the poultry farm was transferred to the National Bank as compensation for the debts of the “Financial Initiative” Bank owned by Oleg Bakhmatyuk —with all poultry houses, incubators, and other production.

According to finclub, the amount of the bank’s debt is UAH 2.1 billion. But unfortunately, Zuhres Poultry Farm is located in the occupied Donetsk region. Now there are the DRN fighters, who “are growing chickens”.

It should be noted that YouControl still attributes the Farm to the UkrLandFarming holding, owned by Bakhmatyuk. But they state that they do not have any business in the occupied territory.

 In 2017 The National Bank conducted an assessment of the property of the enterprise. Then it cost 8.5 million UAH — by 237.2 million UAH below the price specified in mortgage contracts. Now the NBU intends to sell it at an open auction.

By the way, in addition to the Zuhres Poultry Farm, bankers are trying to seize a number of other Bakhmatiuk’s companies. Among them are “Kievskaya Poultry Farm”, “Stanislavskaya Trading Company”, “Beregovsky meat-packing plant” and others.