This week, the first remontant strawberries began appearing on the Ukrainian wholesale markets, Info-Shuvar informs. For today, the berry is sold at 35-48 UAH/kg (1.13-1.55 €/kg). The same, as in Poland.

For comparison, the first strawberry of this year in April started at the cost of 270-300 UAH per kilogram (8.5-9.4 € / kg). With the activation of sales prices were fixed at 38-45 UAH.

However, because of the premature end of the June berry season, Ukrainian processing enterprises did not manage to form a raw material base. Now the berry returned to the markets and on supermarket shelves, and the processors got a second chance.

Moreover, the harvest of the remontant berries promises to be more abundant than a year ago and, under normal weather conditions, the harvesting of strawberries will last at least until the middle of autumn.

Oleg Bosoy, the expert at the Ukrainian berry market and managing partner of the Frutek company, explains: the rains at the end of June spoiled the June strawberries, but at the same time contributed to the development of remontant fruits.

According to Tatiana Getman, the expert of the fruit and vegetable market of Eastern Europe, in general, the first strawberry in Ukraine this year appeared early enough. As a result, at the end of May, there was a collapse of prices — up to 15-20 UAH / kg.

But already in the second half of June, the fresh market prices reached 25-35 UAH/kg. Because of such a sharp rise at the end of the season, the average price for the June strawberry 2018 is almost no different from the record high cost of strawberries in 2017.

But for today a kilogram of “second season” strawberry at a cost of 12.5 UAH exceed the last year’s price:

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