In the Kherson region this year it is expected to harvest 235 thousand tons of watermelons, which is 5-7% more than last year’s harvest. This is reported by Agronews, referring to Alexander Palivoda, the director of the department of agro-industrial development of the Kherson regional state administration.

Palivoda notes that this year in the Kherson region watermelons were planted 23 thousand hectares. The average yield is about 101 centners/hectare, and the gross harvest of watermelons is 235 thousand tons.

For today in the Kherson region, they have already picked 25 thousand tons of “berries”. Nevertheless, it is still too early to give final forecasts on the yield of watermelons and their prices. But if the weather is favorable, everything will be fine, Palivoda believes.

Last year, because of the severe drought and the deficit of watermelons, prices in Kiev reached the record 8 UAH/kg in the season.

In 2018, at the start of sales prices are half that of last year’s. This is confirmed by the data of the wholesale market “Shuvar”: if last year prices started from 25 UAH/kg, then in June of this year — 14 UAH / kg.

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As of July 10, the cost of 1 kg of watermelon is 3.6 UAH compared to 4 UAH in 2017.

Meanwhile, farmers and experts note that growing gourds is turning into a loss-making business. Their cultivation requires regular investments in watering, and the prices leave much to be desired.