The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine voted for the introduction of wagon-grain trucks in the list of agricultural machinery, in the purchase of which the agricultural producers receive compensation.

This is stated by the amendments concurrently to the two laws – “On state support of the agro-industrial complex” and “Stimulation of the development of domestic machine-building for the agro-industrial complex”.

Legislators have established a compensation amount of no more than 30% of the price of grain carriers that agro-enterprises will buy. The 945 million USD for this the state will allocate for agricultural machinery support under the state program.

“These funds are already in the budget,” Oleg Kulinich, head of the Subcommittee on Land Relations of the Agrarian Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, assured at the parliament session. “Obviously, they will not be used in full, so we propose to direct them to reduce the cost of purchasing grain wagons just for agro-producers.”

According to him, grain trucks can be purchased at Ukrainian plants in Lviv, Kremenchug, and Dnipro. These amendments, the deputy believes, will provide an opportunity to improve the condition of Ukrainian highways, broken by wagons, and also to improve transportation by rail.

“And our farmers are the real support and incentive for the producers of cars,” Kulinich sums up.

As we reported earlier, the last 3-5 years in Ukraine there has been an impressive increase in investments in the purchase of cars.

There was even a whole new direction – route trains. There are 54 cars, which are loaded only with grain and ply from the internal elevator to the port.

It should be noted that today the railway provides transportation of 63% of the total volume of grain, about one-third of the motor transport, the river fleet provides transportation of about 5% of the crop.