Fat Zrada In Roshen They Do Not Understand How You Can Eat Kiev Cake But They Still Produce It

Vyacheslav Moskalevsky, the head of the Roshen confectionery corporation, does not understand how you can eat “Kiev cake”. But they will not refuse to produce it. He told about this in an interview with “Economic Truth”.

Moskalevsky says that the brands that would have existed 50 years are few. “Kiev Cake” is one of the most enduring ones.

“I was born later than the Kiev Cake. It is made for “that time”, says the head of Roshen. — To be honest, it is very caloric. I do not get how you can eat it. But yes, we are still producing it”.

The company produces the cake because it is bought. And they do not plan to abandon the brand in order to instill a healthy lifestyle for Ukrainians.

At the same time, he notes that mostly cakes are consumed in Kiev. It is the capital that accounts for 70-80% of sales. In other regions, there are other preferences. For example, in Lviv people prefer buns.

Now there are a few court cases related to the “Kiev Cake”. In particular, the company sues “Kyivkhlib” for the trademark.

Currently, Roshen sells in general 400-600 tons of cakes per month. This is a perishable product, which brings the corporation significantly less profit than caramel or chocolate bars. But they still plan to retain the exclusive right to “Kiev Cake”.