The state enterprise “Horse Breeding of Ukraine” did not receive 63 million UAH of net profit for the period from 2015. And the non-productive expenditures amounted to 7.6 million UAH —”Economic Truth” informs with the reference to the results of the audit of the company 

Only from the realization of breeding horses and other products at low prices, the state enterprise has not received 17 million UAH of income. Another 43 million UAH of payment for the sold products was lost because of the improper level of claims and lawsuits and accounting.

Numerous violations have been recorded in the land sector as well. The local authorities remove the entire land masses from the constant use of horse breeders.

For example, from Zaporozhye Horse Plant No. 86 were seized nearly 2 thousand ha of agricultural land. Although the Supreme Court considered it illegal, the land would no longer be returned.

Now the branch risks losing even the remaining 6 thousand ha. This land has already been authorized to develop a land management project for the municipal enterprise Zarya Vostoka. The decision is contested in the courts. However, if the land is still seized, the enterprise will not be able to hold more than 300 heads of breeding horses, which is 15% of the total livestock.

At present, a case of bankruptcy has been opened against a state-owned enterprise. Only the tax debt of the “Horse Breeding of Ukraine” exceeds UAH 18 million.

The auditors believe that the enterprise could only be saved by the removal of the state ban on holding a horse-riding sweepstake, which previously was attributed to the gambling business.

At the same time, it should be recalled that the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Security Service have long been interested in the activities of the GP. In 2016, director of the enterprise Denis Ptushko was detained for receiving a bribe of $ 30 thousand. for trying to illegally withdraw land. This is far from the only illegal transaction, law enforcement officials say. That is what actually served as an occasion for an audit.