The “Ukrainian Organics” company, the Ukrainian supplier of unique organic fertilizers Saprolife and member of the International Federation of Ecological Agricultural Movements IFOAM, starts to grow organic raspberry of European varieties.

When selecting the cultivating technology, the owners of the company were guided by the growing demand for quality and fresh berries. Competition is rising, and a picky customer from Old Europe is becoming increasingly difficult to please.

According to the expert assessment of Yevhen Skrylnik, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences and one of the leading agrochemists and soil scientists in Ukraine, unique organic fertilizer, and soil improver Saprolife will significantly increase the yield and improve the taste properties of raspberries.

In addition, the berries can be kept fresh for much longer, keeping their shape and taste, which is so important for the end user.

Saprolife is certified according to EU standards and is a real find for farmers who want not only to increase yields but also keep the freshness of the collected berries as long as possible.

Due to the unique combination of macro – and trace elements, organic matter, humic and fulvic acids in the Saprolife fertilizer, the plant ‘s immunity increases and the grown fruits become less prone to environmental influences.

This, of course, reduces the risks for farmers and suppliers when transporting the harvested crop. As you know, the end consumer always puts freshness in the first place when choosing berries, vegetables, and fruits.

The company “Ukrainian Organics” pays special attention to the quality of crop materials and fertilizers put into the soil. Organic fertilizer Saprolife is produced at the modern plant Volynsaprofos in Volyn region.

The plant operates on modern German equipment and is the only one that has all the necessary licenses, certificates and permits for the production and export of sapropelic fertilizers used by “Ukrainian Organics” to grow the organic Raspberries.


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