Broke The Ice Cream The Export Of Ukrainian Ice Cream Grew By A Quarter

The export of Ukrainian ice cream for January-May 2018 increased by 23%. And this despite the fact that production increased by only 1.7% against last year, informs the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation.

In general, Ukrainian ice cream is supplied to 50 countries of the world, including Israel, Georgia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Moldova. But imports are insignificant, only 0.3% of domestic production.

At the same time, experts note that compared to residents of other countries, Ukrainians eat much less this kind of sweets.

“The level of ice cream consumption in Ukraine is still far from the EU or the US. We have this figure of 2.3 kg per person per year, while in the EU – 12.9 kg, and in the US – over 24 kg, “says Igor Bartkovsky, president of the association of Ukrainian producers “Ice cream and frozen foods. “

He explains that it is because of a low purchasing power. Ice cream for Ukrainians is clearly not a matter of first necessity.

However, despite the rather low level of ice cream consumption in Ukraine, it still shows a positive trend. If in 2015 Ukrainians, in general, ate 80.6 thousand tons of this product, then in 2016 – 85.9 thousand tons, in 2017 – 91.8 thousand tons. This year, the level of consumption also promises to show growth.