In the industrial zone of Zbarazh town on Ternopil region on Saturday, June 23, the alcohol base burned. Warehouses of the Zarubinets distillery plant were located near the railway track and residential area reports “Narodnaya Pravda. Ternopil ».

The fire occurred about 18 hours. Several brigades of rescuers tried to fight the flame. Subsequently, the State Emergency Service of Ternopil came to help the firefighters.

It is noted that the height of the flame reached more than 10 meters. The fire was visible almost from all over the city. Also, local residents say that before the fire, several explosions were heard. There are no victims.

Later, rescuers told that the fire originated in the production building of the Zarubinets distillery plant, located on Zavodska Street. In the building there were 10 tanks with 480 tons of bioethanol.

The area of the fire was 1200 square meters. meters. Rescuers say that there was a threat of passage of flame to neighboring buildings and residential sector that was nearby. From there, 350 local residents were evacuated.

In total, 15 units of equipment, 63 rescuers, and a fire train were used. Water supply by agricultural machinery was organized.