The Ukrainian group “Ovostar Union”, which previously aimed to build a factory in Valka (Latvia), is now considering the possibility of opening production facilities elsewhere – in the Jaunsat Volost of the Tukums region. This is reported by the Latvian edition of Neatkarīgā.

The permission to this from the local authorities is requested by Gallusman, which belongs directly to Ovostar and Arnis Weinbergs, a citizen of Latvia.

In particular, the company requests to allocate for construction 4 land lots with a total area of 94 hectares. Two of them (79 and 11 ha) belong to the municipality, the remaining two (1.6 and 1.76 hectares) to the individuals.

The company has already received conceptual support from all members of the Tukums Regional Council. In the decision of the authority, it is said that the applicant’s plan corresponds to the development strategy of the region.

At the time of the decision, the cost of municipal plots is estimated at € 83,800. For their rent, Ukrainian investors will have to pay € 629 per year.

In addition, in case of successful implementation of the project, the deputies of the Tukums Council will consider the possibility of restoring the state road necessary for the eggplant.

It is specified that the land for construction is located next to the Jaansatu quarry. Near Abavnieki and Abava villages. In this area there is a river rich in fish, and also the Abava Valley is a specially protected natural area. Therefore, the production facilities here are treated with particular care.

However, plans for the construction of a poultry farm by a Ukrainian company are viewed with concern by local producers. They are afraid that Ovostar will produce products at a lower standard than in the EU, and small companies will suffer from such competition.