Director of the company “Agroecology” Gleb Lukyanenko predicts an increase in demand for organic sugar, Latifundist writes, citing his speech at the conference “Organic crop production: best practices in 10 years.”

“There will be a growing demand for organic sugar,” he argues, “and the lands under organic sugar beet will also grow accordingly.”

By the way, “Agroecology” was one of the “pioneers” of no-till technologies and agriculture without the introduction of mineral fertilizers and herbicides.

In particular, the company also produced eco sugar beet, but abandoned it, as demand for organic sugar fell.

“But the market situation for today is developing in such a way that factories are ready to specifically certify certain products,” he stressed.

In Ukraine, there really are enterprises that grow organic sugar beet and produce sugar from it.

For example, the launch of such a production last autumn was announced by the Gnidava Sugar Refinery, which processes organic beetroot from the company “Ritter Bio Agro”, the agricultural enterprises with 100% German investments.

In general, these products are in demand in foreign markets. Although the yield of organic beet is much lower than usual, however, the sugar that is extracted from it costs 1,300 euros per ton, that is, almost 1,000 euros more than usual.