In Ukraine, they began to sell “turnkey” ready-made gardens. And they are bought even without special advertising. This was told by Pavel Tulba, president of the cooperative “Nut of the Black Sea Coast”.

The cooperative has 150 hectares of mixed walnut gardens, where walnuts and hazelnuts are grown, and subsequently plans to receive an organic certificate.

Another 5 hectares are under Rose Hip. Almost nothing was invested in it after planting, says Tulba. But he expects that this project will also be effective. In an extreme case, the market is there, the prices are also encouraging. The Polish are ready to buy the entire harvest for € 2 per kilogram.

The co-operative has developed another project, which provides a simple model for working with the investor. “We sell him a plot of land on which for 4 years we plant a garden for him. For the investor’s money, we buy irrigation system, columns, we organize security, – growhow.in.ua. quotes Tulba  “Our profit is regulated by the contract.”

Last year, the cooperative sold 15 hectares of such a “turnkey” garden for $ 15 thousand / ha.

“This year we raised the price to $ 25 thousand. And all the same it is on sale! », – the gardener speaks.

According to him, this approach solves a lot of problems. You get an investor and funds for future expansion.

We recall, now in Ukraine, about 5 thousand hectares are planted with nuts. And only a fifth part of them went into fruiting. You need to wait for the harvest of nuts quite a long time – 8-10 years.