The volume of sales of poultry meat by agricultural enterprises during the time of granting tax preferences from the state increased 13-times. These research results were reported by Leonid Tulush, head of the department of financial and credit and tax policy of the National Research Center “Institute of Agrarian Economics”, the institute’s website reports.

According to the expert, the growth is obvious. In the early 2000s, poultry enterprises sold less than 0.1 million tonnes of chicken, and in 2013 – almost 1.3 million tonnes, that cannot be said about the households. There, the trend is practically unchanged. From the beginning of “00s”, it fluctuates within 240-270 thousand tons per year.

The expert said that the volume of production of eggs was also increased. If at the start of the 2000s domestic poultry enterprises produced less than 3 billion eggs, then in 2010 their number exceeded 9.4 billion eggs. In 2014, the volume amounted to more than 11.7 billion eggs, that is, almost 4.5 times more than in 2000.

“The study of indicators of the poultry industry development shows that at the beginning of 2010 it achieved profitability. And in 2014 there were signs of overproduction. However, here it is necessary to take into account the reduction of population in the territories controlled by Ukraine. Now poultry farmers, contrary to economic expediency and in the future, do not miss the opportunity to use tax preferences”, Tulush said.

He also added that over the past 20 years domestic poultry farming has achieved high growth rates in the sector of agricultural enterprises from other branches of agriculture.

“Over the past two decades, the number of birds in agricultural enterprises has increased almost five-fold. If in the early 2000s it did not exceed 30 million heads, then by the beginning of 2010 it had more than tripled and totaled more than 100 million heads. And in early 2014, when the Russian aggression took place, the number of chickens reached 132 million heads”, Tulush said.

We recall, that due to the increase in world prices, poultry producers are increasing their exports.