The company “Myronivsky Khliboproduct” that belongs to the businessman Yuri Kosyuk found a cunning way of supplying chicken to Europe, bypassing the restrictions on imports, writes Politico with reference to the statements of European farmers.

To circumvent the quotas for the supply of chicken fillets MHP exports to the EU a brisket with a bone. It goes to European plants (mainly in the Netherlands and Slovakia), where the bone is cut and sold in the local market already as a chicken fillet.

This is confirmed by the data of the European Commission: as early as 2015, the import of the bone section of the breast (brisket with a piece of a wing) from Ukraine increased from zero immediately to 3,500 tons, and in 2017 totaled 27 thousand tons.

Local producers see this as a great danger to their market. After all, no one guarantees that there will not be even more Ukrainian chicken.

In the MHP itself, the Ukrainian chicken is flooding the European market with a “gross distortion of facts”. At least that’s what John Rich, a board member of the company, said.

We recall that according to the Brussels agreements, Ukraine can supply annually to the EU 20 thousand tons of poultry meat (including chicken breast) and another 20 thousand tons of chicken half carcasses, the demand for which is much lower.

Kosyuk himself complained earlier that this amount is pitiful in comparison with the fact that the production of chicken in Ukraine is at the level of 1.2 million tons.