The Nutcracker Dealers Buy Nuts For 120 Uah Kg And Sell Twice As Much In The Eu

Dealers buy nuts in Ukraine for 115-120 UAH per kilogram of shelled nuts and sell to European Union countries twice as much. A whole nuts they buy for 40-50 USD, shell them and also send for export.

As they say in the ICTV story, prices on the foreign market are constantly growing. This stimulates the sale of a valuable product there.

Now Ukraine is one of the main suppliers of nuts in the EU because we have them growing more than in all countries of Europe combined. Mostly export volumes are provided by the population.

Resellers complain that the hardest thing is to get a quality nut. Industrial gardens are not everywhere, and even those are few. After all, to grow a nut garden, you need up to ten years.

Actually, such plantations began to be planted in Ukraine only since 2010. In general, nuts are now planted on almost 5 thousand hectares, but the harvest is not yet everywhere.

“Nut fever has affected Ukraine not so long ago,” says Vladimir Pustovit, deputy head of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy Development. – Such a business is a long-term investment. Even from those 4.8 hectares of industrial plantations that we have, only 1,000 hectares have entered into fruiting. “

Usually, a walnut garden begins to harvest from the 8th year. From one tree they can pick 40 kg of fruit. After a year or two, 80-100 kg.

But if 10 years ago, each seedling cost 50 UAH, now it costs ten times more. At the present time per hectare of the walnut garden, you will have to spend up to 100 thousand UAH. But with the beginning of fruiting, it will give you a considerable profit, ten times more than a hectare of wheat or corn. According to the calculations of specialists, the profitability of growing nuts reaches 450%.

By the way, this year in Ukraine there is a program to compensate to gardeners 80% of the cost of seedlings. This is almost 300 UAH for one walnut tree. And the effect is already there: in just a few months of this year, up to a hundred farmers applied for participation in the program.