The Interim Procedures for the Use of Ukraine’s Airspace began operating, which regulates the use of manned aircraft (drones) weighing up to 2 kg, the State Aviation Service of Ukraine reports.

According to the published document, flights of vessels up to 2 kg are carried out without obtaining permits and informing various departmental bodies.

However, the drone must have a speed of up to 160 km / h, rise to a height of not more than 50 m, be at a distance from the pilot no more than 500 m, kept at a distance no closer than 30 m from adults and not closer than 50 meters from children up to 12 years. The distance from the group of more than 12 people at the drone should be at least 150 m.

In addition, it is necessary to observe a number of other conditions, the first of them is the day’s flying.

Drones are not allowed to fly over protected state facilities, as well as over national roads, industrial zones, power stations, railway stations, seaports, fuel, gas, hazardous substances, etc.

The central streets of cities and settlements, railway and power lines can be crossed, but “do not fly over them,” the document says.

“It’s not about tightening rules for the use of drones, but the fact that the UAV will soon have its own legal field,” commented for AgroDay Valery Yakovenko, head of Unmanned Journalism and co-founder of the company Dron.UA.

He stresses that the published position is called “temporary”, because the working group, which includes representatives of the State Aviation Service, the All-Ukrainian Organization of UAV Owners, the Federation of Aviation Model Sport of Ukraine, the Unmanned Journalists Union, several companies, other organizations, continues to work to harmonize the interests of all parties.

According to Yakovenko, most of the disputes are caused by speed, altitude and range of flights – agrarian and geodesic drones fly much faster, further and above the required standards, which are designed more for flights around the city.

Ambiguously, according to the expert, the requirement to obtain permission from Ukraerocenter with the application for the use of airspace for 10 days is also ambiguous.