After fourteen searches in the premises of the large agrarian holding “Agromars”, the National Police investigators arrested the owners of the holding Marina Sigal, Yevhen Sigal and the executive director Oleksiy Marchenko, informing “Stop Corruption”.

It is reported that the search was conducted within the framework of criminal proceedings initiated in connection with violations of the rules of ecological safety and sanitary norms.

According to the GPU, the searches also took place in the controlling organizations and at the place of residence of persons, involved in the criminal activity, an inspection of bird cemetery was carried out, soil and water samples were taken for expert examination.

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Investigators seized statutory documents, permits and project documentation, primary accounting documents, as well as personal cases, orders for appointment and job descriptions.

Currently, suspects are in a temporary detention center awaiting a preventive measure.

“They are suspected of neglecting waste recycling rules for the purpose of receiving super-profits and burying them in the ground near villages”, commented on Facebook, Yuriy Lutsenko, the Attorney General of Ukraine.

He also said that businessmen are suspected of “forgetting” to pay for a license to use groundwater.

“And the main sin: one can not despise the peasants of Vyshgorod, who live in a poisonous agrarian environment,” – said Lutsenko.

“Agromars”, one of the largest agricultural companies with its own franchising network TM “Gavrilivsky chickens”, has recently become the subject of a series of scandals. In particular, the inhabitants of Gavrilivna have repeatedly stated cases of dead bird carcasses on the territory of the village and the removal of waste and sewage directly on the fields.

A field with tons of dead chickens, feathers, blood, and intestines was discovered in the Vyshgorod district near Kyiv. At Agromars a criminal case was instituted.