In Obertin (Carpathian Region) the project “Fayni Yabka” has its first season worked out. During this time, the cooperative managed to establish production, develop sales channels and study the market well, writes

The production was set up on the site of an old bakery, which had not worked since Soviet times. The rooms had walls and a roof, the rest was repaired by joint efforts.


The domestic dryer was bought. This equipment dries 400-800 kg of fruit in 12 hours, It cost to the cooperative 230 thousand UAH.


“4 carts are delivered to the dryer, on which there are 100 grids. How many fruits to put on each grid, it depends on the crop. Apples – 4 kg, pears – more, plums – up to 8 kg “, – say the workers. From 1 ton of fresh apples, an average of 350 kg of dried fruits is obtained.

Raw material for drying is given by the local population. Everything is hand-picked.

The dried product is packaged in 250 grams and stored in freezers. The latter rent at a nearby bakery.

This season, there are many dried plums, they say in the cooperative, there was a good harvest of them. Prunes were dried with a bone and without, and even made a batch of prunes in syrup.


Also, there is a lot of dried wild rose, which also gave the people.

In the “Fayni Yaboki” they say that dried apples, pears, sets for compote, viburnum are in great demand on the market.


The mushrooms were dried a little but sold very quickly. Also, people quickly bought up dried tomatoes, the recipe of which the workers developed themselves.

 Unless the experience of drying garlic is considered unsuccessful. Although the price of such a product is high, but the bottom can be cut only by hand, so the dried garlic high cost and profit is almost zero.


The cooperative’s plans are to increase the volumes and develop the sales network. And raw materials will be taken not only in their village but also in nearby ones.