Too Many Hats The Export Of Ukrainian Mushrooms Grew 12 Times

The Ukrainian mushroom market grows by 3-5% annually, starting from 2014. And not only the domestic market expands but also exports. Only in the last two years, external supplies of mushrooms have grown 12 times, writes etcetera.

Most of all Ukrainian mushrooms are bought by Moldova and Belarus. Mostly there are champignons.

They are mainly grown in Ukraine. According to the National Mushroom Agency (UMDIS), the number of champignons is 90% of the mushroom crop. Another 9% of the market is oyster mushrooms, 1% – all other mushrooms, for example, exotic eryngii, shiitake or even prickly cups, which only one company in Ukraine is engaged in.

As experts explain, the structure of the market is dictated by the demand: what Ukrainians buy, it is produced. In addition, the most popular mushrooms are also the cheapest.

The price of these mushrooms prevents imports, because importing champignons from other countries at such a price is unprofitable. The only thing that a bit crashes the market is forest mushrooms in September-October. During the period of intensive harvest, industrial product prices are falling.

The significant complexity faced by mushroom producers in Ukraine is the shortage of labor, say in UMDIS. Despite this, the mushroom market has good prospects, both in the domestic market and in the export segment, experts add.

By the way, last year over 50 thousand mushrooms were grown in Ukraine. The average consumption per Ukrainian is 1.4 kg per year.