A Dutch start-up called Block Heating suggests heating the greenhouses with the help of the energy of the block, APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits.

Block Heating reminds that more than 90% of the energy needed to generate crypto currency is dissipated in the form of heat in the air, with many customers wanting to use excess heat productively.

Currently, with the help of server heat, buildings of 400-500 square meters are successfully heated. m. But since very few buildings need heating in the summer, the founders of the start-up paid attention to the greenhouses.

In this case, it is not that greenhouses should give their areas to a computer center; the company suggests placing mobile container servers near the greenhouses.

Thus, 800 servers with a total capacity of 1 MW per year are housed in a single 13 m container. Depending on the thermal insulation of the greenhouse and the requirements of the growing plants, the residual heat of such a container is enough to heat 5-10 hectares of a modern greenhouse. Heat is transferred by means of water, which the servers are heated to 60 ° C.

Depending on the specific conditions, the project implementation period is from 2 to 8 weeks.

The company notes that the owner of the greenhouses should not be afraid that his territory will be cluttered with additional pipes: those that are already in use are used. And in the future, the owner of the greenhouse can refuse natural gas altogether.

Recall that co-founder of the Czech crypto exchange NakamotoX Kamil Breic on the heat of mining crypto currency successfully grows tomatoes.

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