In Dnipro, a strawberry record was set: the citizens collected a huge panel of berries 7.05 meters long and 2.52 meters wide.

For all it took 320 kilograms of strawberries, and this is more than 14,000 berries, the story of the DniproTV channel says.

The panels began to be collected on Saturday, June 2, at about 11 pm and finished only at 14. Berries Land, in Novomoskovsk, was informed of local berries in the early morning.


Strawberry record was recorded in the Book of Records of Ukraine in the category “Culinary Art”.

Lana Vetrova, the head of the National Register of Records of Ukraine, says that the record was pleased not only by the number of berries but also by creativity. “And this very creative component we really appreciate,” she said.


The panel was collected by eight people, strung berries on toothpicks. And those were stuck in a cellular tape.

After fixing the record strawberries were given to the Dnipro residents and guests of the city.