To eat flowers seems almost heretical. But even an apple flower will someday become a fruit, and everyone will eat it evenly.

However, in the world, there is a huge amount of edible flowers. Any chef will confirm that the flowers of apple trees give an unusual flavor to fruit salads. And bright petals of calendula will become a good and no less fragrant addition of a sandwich.

On the other hand, some flowers, although technically edible, but unpleasantly caustic. For example, chrysanthemums or begonias. In addition, some flowers can be poisonous. Daffodils cause itching, numbness, cramps and even death – depending on how much to eat.

But how then not to make a mistake with the choice? Here are TOP-10 plants, which can not be lost.

  1. Calendula                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Bright orange flowers have a fairly neutral flavor. They can be added to salads and sweets. It is also advisable to use calendula in floral nectar, tea. Still it creates floral patterns on cheesecakes.


2. Day-lily
Many types of lilies are poisonous, but not daylilies. Although botanically the daylily is not a real lily.

Their flowers are fleshy, juicy and sweet. They can be eaten in salads, with cheese or dip in dough and fry as snacks.


3. Dandelion
Gourmets add dandelion to salads and even soups. Collect them better immediately after blossoming. And use it as a calendula.


4. Elder
The elder has a light honey aroma. It is often used for the aromatization of white wine, cold tea or other summer drinks. Tiny flowers can be sprinkled with salads, or fry the twigs whole. But the elderberry foliage is slightly toxic, it should beware.


5. Borage
Its flowers have a soft cucumber flavor and are used for salads, drinks and spicy dishes. Blue-blue color blends well with calendula.


6. Lavender

Lavender flowers have a unique, delicious flavor with a touch of floral sweetness. Spend the flower buds between the fingers and sprinkle the dish with tiny flowers.


7. Pansies

They are of any color of the rainbow. And in combination with a soft fragrance are used to decorate salads and desserts.


8. Hibiscus

These flowers have a cranberry flavor with tropical notes. They are added to cold tea, to salads and desserts.


9. Nasturtium

Her pepper taste is similar to watercress. Flowers are added to salads, snacks. And nasturtium can be filled with cheese or tapenade.


  1. Rose flower
    Usually, they are put on a table in a vase. But this is not a reason not to add a rose to the drink or dessert.


Based on: Modern Farmer