Flax is more profitable to grow, even than sunflower. Such conclusions were shared in the “Baryshevskaya Grain Company”, writes propozitsiya.

Today the Chernigov cluster of the company processes about 10 thousand hectares of land. Of these, sunflower is grown for 1600 hectares, another 800 hectares.

Flax is cleaned and stored for storage in the group’s own elevators. Then it is sold to European countries at $ 300-350 per ton. But the requirements for the seeds there are very high, they say in the company. Flax should not contain any foreign impurities and be selected by color.

In the company they compare: sunflower seeds fall 8000 UAH / tonne in autumn, flax – 7000 UAH.

But on flax it is possible to receive more than 3000 UAH / ha. To profitability of flax exceeded the profitability of sunflower, you still need to find options for selling straw.

Considering that according to calculations, from a hectare of sunflower it is possible to earn 11 thousand UAH of profit, on flax it is possible to get approximately 27% more. And it’s not strange – if the average profitability of growing sunflower is 79%, then the flax producers call the figure even 150%.

However, it is worth considering the technological complexity of harvesting flax. Mowing it is not easy, it’s a bast culture, and a light grain can scatter. Practitioners are advised to work with culture cautiously: in several stages to conduct dissection and not allow full maturation of the stem.