The amount of investment in a modern greenhouse for growing berries will be € 100 thousand per hectare. However, the greenhouse itself is not sufficient for profitable cultivation of berries: it will require labor, high-quality planting stock, and plant protection products. This is said in the company “Agroselprom”, which deals with hothouse economy, transfers offer.

Specialists say that a couple of years after the strawberry planting they found chlorosis, the yield was very low – up to 150 grams from the plant. As it was discovered, the water from the well led to soil salinization. Therefore, I had to spend another € 30 thousand for a reverse osmosis system.

Now the strawberries are watered with purified water. Also 3-4 times a season treated with insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers.

In addition, a high proportion of the cost of berries accounted for the labor force. Last year, 40 strawberries were collected here at 2.5 UAH / kg. Now they pay 3 UAH, and this is the minimum tariff.

Yet, despite the high costs, the greenhouse business is worth it, they say in the company. Berries manage to collect early and expensive to sell.

This year, the first harvest, given the long winter, was received in early May. Last year, the sale began on April 17. Starting prices for strawberries – 200-250 UAH / kg. In retail supermarkets sell berries for 300-350 UAH.